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 Agama - Butterfly
 Lizard picture

Agama - Butterfly

The Butterfly Agama can reach 20 inches, or 50 centimeters in length. They have a slightly flattened body and a rounded head. Their tail is long and characterized by slightly keeled scales. The scales on the body are very small and resemble grains of sand. They lack a crest and gular pouch, although

 Agama - Frilled Dragon Lizard picture

Agama - Frilled Dragon

Frilled Dragons range in color from olive to grayish-brown to nearly all black. Their frill ranges in color from yellow to orange to jet-black, along with spots of orange, red, and white. At maturity, they will reach a length of 30 inches from nose to tail. The body is about 10 inches in length. The

 Agama - Golden Lizard picture

Agama - Golden

The Golden Agama is an average sized Agama. They can reach 30 centimeters (one foot) in length at maturity. The more arid their surroundings the larger the Golden Agama gets. The Golden Agama is quite pretty and its brownis -beige scales have some golden to orange highlights. They also have darker b

 Sailfin Dragon
 Lizard picture

Sailfin Dragon

The Sailfin Water Dragon is a beautiful Lizard,typically green in color, splashed with tiny black spots. These lizards are named for the distinctive crest on their heads that connects to another large crest on their tails that resembles a fin. These crests are much more pronounced on males than fema

Agama - Bearded Dragon Lizard picture

Agama - Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are fairly large lizards that grow to about 20 inches (50cm), and have a very wide body. Like many other agamids, they have a triangular, blunt head. The scales on the throat and head are pointed, as are the scales on the sides of the body. When threatened, the Dragon opens its mouth

Agama - Black Lizard picture

Agama - Black

The Black Agama is an average sized Agama. They can reach 30 centimeters (one foot) in length at maturity. Contrary to its name, the Black Agama is actually not entirely black. This striking melanistic lizard has beautiful orange markings, hence their other common name, the "Orange Spotted Agama". T

Agama - Flying Dragon Lizard picture

Agama - Flying Dragon

Flying Dragons have low, long bodies. They have flaps of skin along the ribs, which can be extended into "wings" by the lizard elongating its ribs. They have a dewlap, or gular flap, which can also be extended. Generally, Flying Dragons grow to a little less than 12 inches in length. Although female

Agama - Hardun
 Lizard picture

Agama - Hardun

The Hardun Agama is an average sized Agama. They can reach 30 centimeters (one foot) in length at maturity. They are usually a brownish color, though males may also have blue scales on the head and body. Their bellies may be white or yellow in color. They have powerful legs, which are quite suited f

Agama - Tree Dragon Lizard picture

Agama - Tree Dragon

Although most Crested Tree Dragons are between 10 and 24 inches in length, it is reported that some have grown to more than three feet long. Their tails are long, and their feet are clawed to assist with climbing. A crest runs down the length of the Crested Tree Dragon's body, and some have spikes o

Alligator - American Lizard picture

Alligator - American

By the time they are 20 years old, American Alligators are generally around 12.5 feet long! Their snouts are quite broad, and they exhibit a bit of an over bite. American Alligators have a bony nasal ridge. Although adults range from dull olive green to brown, juvenile animals are black with yellow