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Bhotia Pony horse picture

Bhotia Pony

The conformation of these ponies is usually not superior. They have a large head and pronounced jaw, short neck, low withers, sloping quarters, and deep chest. The shoulder is a bit straight and upright, the legs, although short, are very strong. The ponies range in height from 12-13.2 hh, and are u

Belgian horse picture


The Belgian horse, Belgian Heavy Horse, or Brabant is a horse breed comes from the West-Brabantian region of Belgium. They are one of the strongest of the heavy breeds. The world's Largest Horse was a Belgian named Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed 3,200 pounds, and stood at 19.2 hands. On average the B

Batak Pony horse picture

Batak Pony

Height : 13 hh. The ponies are slender, but still strong and sturdy. In general, they are well-conformed, and most of their faults are partly to blame on the poor forage to which they have access. The only other breed of the country which is of better quality is the Sandalwood Pony. The ponies have

Basotho Pony  /  Basuto Pony horse picture

Basotho Pony / Basuto Pony

Height : 14.2 hh. Colours : Chestnut, bay, brown, grey. Identifying Features : Neat head, long neck, straight shoulders, long back, short legs, hard feet. Chestnut color, bay, brown , gray, refined head, long neck, hardfeet.

Bashkir Curly horse picture

Bashkir Curly

Bashkir Curly is a breed of horse. Bashkir Curlies (also called American Bashkir Curlies or North American Curly Horses) come in all sizes, colors, and body types but all carry a gene for a unique curly coat of fur. This gene can be expressed minimally (horse exhibits curly hair inside ears, at fet

Bashkir horse picture


Height : 14 hh. Average measurements of Bashkirs Stallions Mares Height 142 142 Body length 146 147 Chest girth 173 170 Bone below the knee 19.5 19 The principal color of the Bashkir is roan with a dorsal eel-stripe, zebra bar markings and a special pattern on shoulders. Now t

Bardigiano Pony horse picture

Bardigiano Pony

Found in bay, brown black, not admitted: chestnut, light bay, bay w/blaze or w/too much lateral extension, white is limited to the legs and a small star on the forehead

Barb horse picture


The Barb is a light riding horse with great stamina. It has a powerful front end, high withers, short back, a sloping, narrow croup, and carries its tail low. It is hardy, with clean legs, and small, round, sound hooves. It does not have particularly good gaits, but has gallops like a sprinter, whic

Ban-ei horse picture


The Ban-ei originated in Japan. The Ban-ei is a heavy draft breed horse. The Ban-ei was created from the Percheron and Breton. This horse stands on average 14.3 to 16.1 hh. The Ban-ei are mainly used for racing in Japan and pulls a heavy sledge.

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